Edge Electrons - EDGE IQ Solar Monitoring


Australian homes are receiving voltages above acceptable limits!

Many Australian homes are being fed electricity with more voltage than they need causing appliances to use extra power. The energy networks blame solar panels for boosting voltage levels. But data obtained by 7.30 Report shows many homes are receiving voltages above acceptable limits at all times of the day - even when solar panels aren't generating any power.


EdgeIQ is a globally-patented Voltage Regulation device. It shields your home (and your wallet!) from high voltage levels supplied by the electricity grid and ensures you consume just the electricity you require to run your house. This exciting technology protects your appliances, monitors your energy usage, and saves you up to $800 every year. Additionally, if you have solar, EdgeIQ will make your system up to 15% more effective!

  • Did you know high voltages can damage your solar system and cause your inverter to disconnect? Protect your solar investment and maximise your payback with EdgeIQ!
  • Did you make the smart choice to install solar but have no idea if it’s working properly? Get full visibility of your solar performance and maximise your savings with EdgeIQ!
  • Are you seeing the savings you’d hoped for with solar? Protect your home, monitor your energy usage and improve your solar payback with EdgeIQ!

Edge Electron’s unique Edge IQ is a globally-patented Voltage Optimisation device which gives you full visibility of how your solar system is performing. It reduces your electricity consumption, increases your solar yield and reduces your carbon footprint.

EDGE IQ reduces the voltage running into your home to a steady 220 volts. This allows your appliances to take in only the amount of power they need to run and increases your solar harvest by up to 15%.


Benefits include:

  • Lower electricity bills
    Appliances take in only the power they need to run, which instantly reduces your consumption
  • Solar efficiency
    Solar harvest is increased by up to 15%, giving you more electricity to sell back to the grid
  • Smart and interactive
    Panel performance and energy usage is monitored in real-time through a simple customer interface
  • Manages voltage lock-out
    Reduces overvoltage problems
  • Appliance protection
    Appliances and inverters are protected from damaging voltage spikes (up to 10,000 volts)
  • Hassle-free
    You don’t have to change your usage behaviour at all

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