Jackery WARRIOR 130 ext batt 3 way charger Built-in



Three in one Charger with Built-in Lightning & Micro USB Cables


Ultra-Compact External Battery Charger

24 Months WARRANTY

Say goodbye to cable mess with a built-in Apple Lightning cable for iPhone’s, and a built-in micro-USB cable for other mobile devices. Now you can charge your iPhone & mobile devices without having to bring extra charging cables. Freedom, convenience, extra pocket space, Fast Charging and Time-Saving with a maximum output of 2.4A, quickly charge your mobile devices anywhere anytime.

Product Features

 World’s most elegantly designed mobile charger with 2 built-in charging cables

 Powerful 6000 mAh capacity can fully charge an iPhone 6 at up to 3 times

 Advanced power lock technology with standby time up to 6 months

Jackery WARRIOR 130 ext batt 3-way charger Built-in
- 6000mAh capacity
- 1.5A fast recharging
- Dual output ports (2.0A & 1A)
- Aluminium product case
- Secured battery safety