Jackery FORCE 420 Dual Output 20100mAh


Dual Output Ports

Charge two devices at the same time, it’s a perfect companion to join your family on the go.


Large power capacity with stylish design


Convenient portable power when you need it

24 Months WARRANTY

This powerful external rechargeable battery offers dual output ports of Smart Fit 3.4A with a 20,100mAh rechargeable power capacity. High energy density, fast charging time and compact design coupled with a safety protection circuit offering, provide you with the most reliable and portable option.

Product Features

 Four LED charge status indicators

 Secure battery with four layers of smart safety protection

 Advanced power lock technology with standby time up to 6 months

Jackery FORCE 420 Dual Output 20100mAh 
- 20,100mAh high capacity
- 1.5A fast recharging
- Dual output ports (2.0A & 1A)
- Aluminium product case
- Secured battery safety

Available in Black, Gold & Orange Only.


The perfect backup battery solution

With Jackery’s advanced battery solutions, your smartphones and
tablets will work and play longer than ever