Jackery Force 260 Dual output 1200mAh


Dual Output Ports

Charge two devices at the same time, it’s a perfect companion to join your family on the go.

Force260 QC3.0 Fast Charge

Large power capacity with stylish design


Dual output with a flashlight for Apple and Android devices

24 Months WARRANTY

The world’s most famous rechargeable charger just got bigger and quicker! Offers dual output ports of 2.1A and 1A with a 13,400mAh rechargeable power capacity and Qualcomm 3.0. High energy density, fast charging time and compact design coupled with a safety protection circuit offering, provide you with the most reliable and portable option.

Product Features

Dual Output Ports with Compact Design.

Jackery Force 260 Dual output 1200mAh QC3.0 
- 12000mAh high capacity
- 1.5A fast recharging
- Dual output ports (2.1A & 1A)
- Aluminium Product case
- Secured battery safety

Available in Black, Gold & Orange Only.


The perfect backup battery solution

With Jackery’s advanced battery solutions, your smartphones and
tablets will work and play longer than ever