Jackery Force 115 5200mAh


Less is More

Small enough to fit in your bag, large enough to give you immediate power.


Small size with two ports


Premium quality rechargeable battery

24 Months WARRANTY

Small and sexy,  the Jackery Force 115  rechargeable battery has Dual 1A outputs and 5200mAh power capacity. Small enough to fit in your bag or pocket, you’ll get instant power for you and a friend. Carry your mobile device anywhere, anytime, fully charged.

Product Features

✓ The world’s smallest power bank with Dual 2.1A output for fast charging
✓ Premium quality rechargeable battery cell with 5200mAh power capacity
✓ Three LED charge status indicators
✓ 2 LED provides illumination up to 450 hours

Jackery Force 115 5200mAh
- 5200mAh capacity
- 1A fast recharging
- Ultra-compact size
- Aluminium product case
- Secured battery safety

Available in Black, Gold & Orange Only.


The perfect backup battery solution

With Jackery’s advanced battery solutions, your smartphones and
tablets will work and play longer than ever