Lifestyle Plus Power Pack (5.4kW) Solar System


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Lifestyle Plus Power Pack 

Solar Power Packs

Reduce your electricity costs with a tailored solar power pack.

With ever increasing energy costs putting a stain on households now is a great time to take some control back and generate your own solar energy.

Prices are at all an time low so take advantage of our great offers for 2018.

Every home is different in terms of energy usage and future needs, so we have built a range of solar solutions that will fit every situation. All systems include a Hybrid inverter which means you will be ready to install battery storage in the future if you so wish. All systems also include digital monitoring, so you are better able to manage energy usage which can be a great saver when your solar system is at rest.

While we have included indicative prices for all our systems these will need to be confirmed on a home by home basis as every installation is different. We have included installation and the STC rebate into our prices, so you can see the approximate net cost to you installed.

When you sign on to purchase one of our systems we ask only for a deposit which is refundable if you decide not to proceed. We will contact you on order and set up a call and likely site visit so a formal proposal can be provided.

Don’t just think about Solar for 2018 – start doing something about it.

Our Lifestyle Plus Power Pack is designed for the household with two or three occupants with medium energy consumption. It is a 5.4Kw system with 20 Solar panels, the Hybrid Sungrow inverter and digital monitoring. Hybrid making you system battery ready, for when you are interested to take that step.

*includes GST