4,000MAH Solar Rechargeable Power Bank


Our 4,000MAH Solar Rechargeable Power Bank bank is only good as long as they’re already charged, but this one charges itself! A huge 4,000mAh internal battery bank provides you with loads of power for device recharging via the USB charging outlet, up to 2A. The Solar Rechargeable Power Bank unit can be recharged using the MicroUSB cable provided, or self-charge with its integrated solar panel. Solar charging is probably more considered the backup or emergency plan though, as it can take a few days (about 31 hours) to fully charge. However, if you’re leaving the Solar Rechargeable Power Bank unit on a dashboard or in a sunny window when not in use, it’ll keep itself ready to go any time!

• Made of eco-friendly silicone rubber and ABS + PC material

• Suitable for charging iPhones®, iPads®, Android® phones, GPS devices, cameras, etc.

• Slim and lightweight, charge through the solar panel, USB output 2A

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Battery Type

Lithium Polymer



Charge Time

USB: 3 hours/ Solar: 31 hours


126(L) x 66(W) x 11(H)mm