Discover our powerful SMA Residential Solutions that combine intelligent solar technology and services to produce clean, renewable energy at home while opening up significant cost savings. Energy can be a huge cost factor, with demands increasing daily. Private homeowners today are no longer just consumers of energy; an ever-increasing number are also becoming power generators themselves, or even suppliers. This puts them firmly in control of their energy costs. With SMA Residential Solutions, you can protect your home against rising energy costs and switch on today to the energy world of the future.

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All energy sectors

Whether generation, storage, consumption or even the selling of unused energy — SMA provides state-of-the-art technology with fully automated services for every sector. At the same time, intelligent energy management enables separate energy sectors to be connected, allowing for cost-effective operation of equipment, such as washing machines and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, or for the charging of e-vehicles.

A reliable power supply, even without a utility grid: With stand-alone solar solutions from SMA, you can always cover your entire electricity demand and become independent from electric utility companies.

Benefits of Stand-Alone Solar Solutions

  • Reliable electricity supply anytime day or night even without grid access
  • Complete independence from external energy supply and electricity costs
  • Combination of different energy sources such as solar, wind and water energy
  • Your system can be expanded on a modular basis and complemented by storage at any time
  • SMA experts support you, from planning to commissioning the system

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