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Energy Stuff’s strategy of using only reputable suppliers for our residential and commercial supply chain provides our customers with key advantages over the competition.

Commentators note that this strategy allows it to:

  • mitigate supply chain disruptions and delays, allowing us to maintain a speedy installation;
  • adjust ordering ratios with existing suppliers, therefore minimising the risk of third party issues associated with volume dependency;
  • quickly increase production capacity to respond to changes in consumer demand;
  • encourage lower supply costs as multiple suppliers compete for its business;
  • process large volumes of pre-orders, which it then analyses to create demand forecasts; and
  • prevent competitors from utilising the same production capacity through exclusive relationships with suppliers.

Energy Stuff’s Managing Director, Lucas Sadler, has been described as a “solar industry specialist”. He is credited for advocating for the removal of DC Isolators form the Australian Standards for Solar ( which resulted in over 3000 industry suppliers, installers and advocates joining the petition!). Additionally, as his role on the Board of the Australians Solar Council 7 Energy Storage Council showed exactly what can go wrong with inferior supply chain partners and the danger of direct import. Our strategy is only to partner the worlds largest, financially secure and respected manufactures, ensuring our customers have not only the warranty backing and support of Energy Stuff Pty Ltd, but global giants and strong balance sheets.

We wisely are using inventory tracking mechanisms to reduce its number of suppliers and warehouses – further increasing our competitiveness.

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