Sungrow SG5KTL-D D.MPPT Single Phase (New Gen) Solar Inverter


SG5KTL-D D.MPPT Single Phase (New Gen)

Sungrow is a world-class technology provider, specializing in PV inverters and energy storage equipment for residential, commercial, and utility-scale PV power plant systems. For over 20 years, Sungrow has spearheaded innovation in the PV inverter industry with its consistent focus on R&D. That has kept Sungrow’s broad product lineup as the preeminent choice in the ever-evolving solar industry.

Inverter features:

  • 5-year warranty with the ability to extend by another 5
  • Dual MPPT, compatible with different residential rooftop system design (Only - D series products)
  • Max input voltage 600V, compatible with different PV panel and string design
  • Intelligent Wi-Fi communication, flexible for various applications
  • Intelligent cloud monitoring to enable the centralised operation, management and maintenance
  • Only 9kg of 3kW inverter, easy to handle and install
  • Easy replacement and transportation, reduce the trouble of service
  • TUV, CE, AS4777, AS/NZS 3100, VDE AR N 4105, KTC certification

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