Melbourne Solar Power Installations

Melbourne Solar Power Installations

If you are still looking to install a new Solar System in the future you may be aware that the Vic solar rebate program is about to reopen on the 1st July.

While the maximum rebate amount of $2,225 remains the same, as does the eligibility (180K combined annual income and home value below $3m) there are several changes you need to be aware of.

The rebate is capped at 3,333 applications per month over the next 12 months providing 40,000 rebates for the year. It requires the solar retailer to lodge the quote on your behalf into the new Vic.Solar portal and for you to confirm ID and select the quote for your place to be locked in the queue

Once your place is secured you will have 14 days to provide your eligibility paperwork before your placement expires to make room for other applicants. We can provide support during this phase if required though we cannot lodge on your behalf.

Also new in this program is the availability of an interest-free loan over four years. This is for the same value as the rebate and capped at $2,225. You will need to advise us of your intention to take up the loan at the Quote stage so we can add this to the proposal and set up the job correctly within the portal. The only eligibility for the loan is that the energy-saving produced by the system pays off the loan over the four-year period or $46.00 per month saving. This is calculated as part of the quote and we lodge this information into the portal.

So, to cap it off you have the option to gain a rebate of up to $2,225 and an interest-free loan for the same amount. The rebate and loan will reduce to $1,888 each as at the 1st of January 2020 so this deal is only available to 20.000 applicants.

Due to the program being halted since early April there is pent up demand for the rebate currently and we expect the system to be flooded with applications especially when people realise that the rebate will reduce in January.

Energy Stuff is up to date with all requirements and regulations and is registered with Vic.Solar for this program. We are currently inputting quotes/jobs into their portal now in preparation for the opening on the 1st.July. If you are still keen on an energy saving solar system, it will never be cheaper than now, and we can quickly put a quotation together that will suit your current and future needs.

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